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BMW Slovenia d.o.o.
Ameriška ulica 8
1000 Ljubljana

Telefon: +386 1 777 45 40
E-Mail: info.si@bmw.com

Delovni čas službe za podporo strankam je od
Ponedeljka do Petka od 08:00 do 18:00

Only for author: 

Syntax for contact reason items:

<Contact Reason|e-mail address|boolean=Contact Reason>

The first three values are seperated by pipes " | ":

1. Contact Reason that will be sent to GCDM

2. Email address that will be filled in hidden field "Forward Email Adress Encrypted" and sent to GCDM

3. Boolean value (true or false) that will be filled in hidden field "Forward Dealer Flag" and sent to GCDM


The value behind the equals " = " symbol is the value that will be displayed in the contact reason dropdown. 

By clicking on the value in the dropdown the user will trigger the settings that the author has configured for the field.

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