Remote Services.

Looking for your car on a crowded parking lot outside the shopping centre on a Saturday? It’s not necessary. With Remote Services you can save yourself the inconvenience of a long search. Thanks to the services , you can control your BMW from afar. And you can do more than find your vehicle on a large parking lot.

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With Remote Services you transform your smartphone into an intelligent and convenient remote control for your vehicle – via the My BMW Remote App or the BMW Call Centre*. Now you just have to reach into your jacket pocket to have access to your BMW via your iPhone or Android device. Perhaps you’re no longer sure of whether you locked your BMW? Or you may not have your key to hand? Then you can lock and unlock you car with the Remote Services from BMW ConnectedDrive. And if you’re unable to find your vehicle straight away, you can flash the headlights and sound the horn using your smartphone.


* Via the BMW Call Centre, it is only possible to lock and unlock the vehicle.

Remote Services.

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If you don’t feel like scraping ice off the windows in winter and would like to get into a warm car, you can set the temperature of your BMW ahead of time with the BMW Remote App. In the “Climate” menu you can turn on the auxiliary heating* or even the auxiliary ventilation**.


* This requires the optional equipment item auxiliary heating.
** Depending on the series and model, some vehicles require additional optional equipment for automatic air conditioning in order to operate the “Climate-auxiliary ventilation” function.

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